Premier Financial Alliance Reviews a Common Reason Millennials Avoid Life Insurance

If you listen to every report that comes out on the news or the web, it would seem as if Millennials are financially frivolous, opting for a Unicorn Frappuccino instead of saving for their retirement. However, this is not entirely true. While the Millennials are notoriously fiscally conservative and their priorities have indeed changed, they are still an extremely money savvy demographic.

While Millennials are being pennywise, they are overlooking one crucial aspect to financial responsibility: life insurance. Vertafore, a technology company in Washington released a study earlier this year that surveyed 450 millennials, aged 18 – 35. The results of this study showed that an overwhelming number of millennials preferred to travel, experience life, and make trendy technology purchases rather than buy life insurance.  Ironically, even though Millennials are conservative with their money, the results of this study showed that 77% of them understand the risk associated with not having insurance.

Premier Financial Alliance, an innovative leader in financial services, believes that this lack of desire by millennials can be contributed to misinformation and misunderstandings regarding life insurance. For that reason, Premier Financial Alliance reviews a common myth that many Millennials seem to believe about the necessity of life insurance.

The biggest myth that Millennials have to overcome when understanding life insurance is the necessity of it. As they are financially conservative (to a degree), many Millennials hide behind the cost of life insurance, writing it off as too expensive and believing that they “have time” before they need it. In fact, over 80% of people surveyed overestimated the price of life insurance by 213%. This type of thinking can be dangerous and finds a large number of families unprepared when the worst happens. There are a number of affordable options for life insurance that you can take advantage of for yourself and your family.

While new iPhones and Snapchat Goggles are great to have, making an investment into your future is even better. Don’t let your family go unprotected tomorrow because of decisions you made today. For more information on how to find life insurance that you need, be sure to contact Premier Financial Alliance.


Premier Financial Alliance Reviews these 3 Keys You Need to Know Before Purchasing Life Insurance


Buying a life insurance policy is a big deal. There’s no doubt about that. It should never be taken lightly. After all, the reason for needing life insurance is a serious matter. You want to make sure that you’re picking the right plan for you and your family’s needs.

Starting down the road of securing life insurance can be a complicated step. From unfamiliar industry terms to a never-ending stream of facts and figures, it can all become a jumbled mess without the right help. With Premier Financial Alliance, we believe in making it easy for you. Here, Premier Financial Alliance reviews 3 keys that you need to know before buying a life insurance policy.

Review Insurance Needs
Reviewing your insurance needs is ultimately the first step in choosing a life insurance policy. Before you even look at specific policies, you need to assess your specific goals and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does anyone depend on your financially?
  • How much of your income provides for the family?
  • How prepared is your family to cover expenses once you’ve passed?

Depending on how you answer these questions will determine the type of coverage you will need. This will also help you to determine how much coverage you can afford and for how long. The overall goal of the plan is to guarantee that your loved ones are able to provide for expenses once you’ve passed on.

Talk to an Agent
An insurance agent is a useful tool to have on your side. Agents, like the ones at Premier Financial Alliance, review your different types of options, policies, and can help you truly assess your insurance policy needs beforehand. Additionally, an insurance agent can help you to evaluate the growth and effectiveness of your chosen policy. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent for yearly updates on the growth of your insurance plan.

Compare Different Policies
There are two basic types of insurance policies: term and permanent (also referred to as cash value). Term insurance will typically have a lower premium, but does not build up future cash values. On the other hand, permanent offers a variety of options, such as whole, variable, and universal, of which Premier Financial Alliance reviews with their clients.

Choosing your policy should be about selecting the right plan for your future needs. It’s about determining what you can afford now to secure the financial future of your family and those that depend on you.

Closing Out Life Insurance Awareness Month with Premier Financial Alliance


Did you know that September is Life Insurance Awareness month? If you didn’t know, you’re not alone. Millions of people across the country are unaware of this fact. An industry that has been around for over 200 years, life insurance is one of the most important financial planning assets that you should have in place to protect your loved ones when the time comes. What’s more alarming than people not knowing that Life Insurance Awareness Month exists is the amount of people who don’t think Life Insurance is important.

At Premier Financial Alliance, we are dedicated to helping people find the financial freedom they so desperately seek. This also includes planning for the future and whatever life may throw your way. To shed a little more light on life insurance and its necessity, Premier Financial Alliance reviews 3 key facts you absolutely need to know.

What is life insurance?
Many people believe life insurance is simply placing a monetary value on a person’s life. It’s not that at all. Life insurance is a policy between you and a life insurance policy. You pay into this policy for a predetermined amount set between you and the insurance company. Upon the time of your death, the death benefit is paid to your benefactors.

What are the two types?
There are two main categories of life insurance: term and permanent. These are broad terms used to describe the different types of life insurance available. Within each category, you have different types or levels of policies. Term life typically tends to be your least expensive tier of life insurance policies. Your premium is based upon your likelihood to die within a stated term. On the other hand, permanent life includes the same probability of death, but includes a savings tool (cash value) to keep the policy active. Premier Financial Alliance reviews universal life insurance policies with its customers, which falls under the permanent life category.

Why would you need it?
It’s simple. If you have anyone that depends on you, you need a life insurance policy. Spouse, children, even a business partner, you should consider a life insurance policy. The money from your life insurance to cover any of your funeral expenses and help make life easier for those you’ve left behind. It doesn’t matter your financial situation or lifestyle. Life insurance is necessary for everyone.

Though you can consider life insurance to be an investment into the welfare of your loved ones’ future, it’s not an actual investment. It is a risk management tool to help offset what can arise once you’ve passed on. For more topics that Premier Financial Alliance reviews, be sure to check back for more updates.

Gaining Financial Freedom in a Fiscally Conservative World

man celebrates freedom success arms raised looking up

What does financial freedom mean to you? Is it the ability to provide for your family without working multiple dead end jobs? Or maybe your definition of financial freedom is the ability to travel, come and go as you please, without being tied down to a desk. Whatever you believe financial freedom to be, Premier Financial Alliance is the career opportunity to get you there.

In their 30+ years of existence, Premier Financial Alliance has helped thousands of like-minded individuals from all walks of life to reach their definition of financial freedom. By reviewing Premier Financial Alliance’s methods, we can start to understand how that is possible.

For starters, PFA believes that achieving financial independence starts with securing a strong foundation. This foundation is based upon the tools that you receive that define your work ethic, such as hardworking, integrity, perseverance, etc. Premier Financial Alliance’s team of licensed insurance agents comes with that and more. Achieving financial independence is not about sitting back and hoping that the stars align in your favor. It’s about pushing yourself to be the best so that you can create the ideal life that you envision for yourself. That’s what PFA is about.

Additionally, achieving financial freedom is all about the decisions that you make. From choosing the right career to surrounding yourself with the right people, it’s all about the wise decisions that you make now that sets you up for the future.

PFA understands how hard it can be for everyone to achieve their financial goals. That’s why with PFA, you can be on your way towards building your business without:

  • Start-up capital
  • Full-time commitment
  • Prior experience
  • A long, corporate resume

Instead, Premier Financial Alliance gives you the full set of tools to reach your envisioned life of financial freedom. For more information, be sure to contact Premier Financial Alliance.


Building an Efficient Incentive Program

Employee morale is one of the hardest concepts to gauge and improve. An employee’s attitude toward their position is directly related to the efficiency of management, their perceived value in the position, and how the company rewards their hard work. It’s through these three points that creating an effective incentive program for your employees is important. Premier Financial Alliance’s Jack Wu offers his three most successful tips on creating an effective and rewarding employee incentive program.

Keep Incentives Visible
Creating an incentive program is one thing, but if no one is knowledgeable about it, how effective can it truly be? Make sure all employees know about the incentive program, the rules, different levels, and what they have to gain from participating.

Focus on the Importance of Goal Achievement
For any incentive program to work effectively, you must make the actionable goal that you are trying to achieve meaningful, motivational, and clear to those involved. Keep everyone on the same page by striving to create a supportive and collaborative process to attain goals.

Create Multiple Levels to the Program
Having a multi-tiered incentive program keeps your employees engaged. If they constantly have a goal that they need to achieve and a new reward as an incentive, then they will continue to remain engaged and find value in their work. The higher the goal level, the higher the reward.

4 Benefits of Working for Yourself & How to Get Started

Running your own business is exciting and appealing to many people. While entrepreneurship allows someone to work for themself and live out their business dream, many fail to take the leap due to the risks involved with starting a new business.

If you are seeking an opportunity which allows you to be your own boss and tap into your passion, consider starting your own company with Premier Financial Alliance (PFA).  Premier Financial Alliance has been helping people like you leverage their talents and abilities to build their own financial services company for many, many years.

In addition to the help and guidance you will receive from PFA, here are a few benefits of working for yourself to consider:

Be your own boss

Think back to all the places you’ve worked during your career. Have you ever had a boss you weren’t particularly fond of? Perhaps your personalities clashed or you did not prefer their management style. No matter, when you work for yourself you’ll never encounter this problem again. You can do things the way you want to do them and don’t have to answer to upper management.

Set your own schedule

One of the biggest perks of being your own boss is you have the freedom and flexibility to set your own work schedule. Whether you enjoy having a fixed 9-5 work day, or enjoy mixing up your hours, you can work whenever and however you please. You’re the one who creates your schedule, so you can work when you work best and at a time that best suits your lifestyle.

Get paid doing what you love

Get out of the daily grind of the traditional corporate lifestyle and instead pursue your passion. Just think how incredible it feels to turn something you love into your career.

Work from wherever you want

When you’re your own boss, you can work from wherever you want. Whether your ideal workplace is a home office, a shared workspace in the city, or a quaint coffee shop, you can make it happen.

Premier Financial Alliance

Premier Financial Alliance


Suwanee, Georgia based Premier Financial Alliance just recently held their annual convention, which occurred in August 2016 at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, with a record attendance of greater than 1,300 people. The annual convention was held to commemorate the business’s success from January through July 2016. The business also outlined the plan of attack for the next 10 years.

“Everyone has found out so much and is so excited about the PFA campaign as well as cause,” states Heather Stewart with Premier Financial Alliance.

One of the visitor speakers during the event was David Carroll Sr, CEO as well as Founder of the firm. Carroll talked regarding “Success in the Next Decade”.

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The company states that everyone in attendance got important info as well as insights into what the company plans to do next. “Everyone claimed to have had a terrific time in Las Vegas and also are thrilled at just what the future holds.

Those interested can check out the company on their main website or the PFA Facebook web page to learn more about the convention as well as to obtain a summary of the types of solutions that they offer.

Premier Financial Alliance has been helping people for more than 30 years to start their very own services and also gain financial independence. A leader in the financial services sector, the firm aids to equip individuals with the system they need to enter profitable careers. The firm attributes its success to surrounding itself with great people as well as similar partners in the industry, permitting PFA to create tools and innovate new products which assists its people be successful now and in the years to come.