Building an Efficient Incentive Program

Employee morale is one of the hardest concepts to gauge and improve. An employee’s attitude toward their position is directly related to the efficiency of management, their perceived value in the position, and how the company rewards their hard work. It’s through these three points that creating an effective incentive program for your employees is important. Premier Financial Alliance’s Jack Wu offers his three most successful tips on creating an effective and rewarding employee incentive program.

Keep Incentives Visible
Creating an incentive program is one thing, but if no one is knowledgeable about it, how effective can it truly be? Make sure all employees know about the incentive program, the rules, different levels, and what they have to gain from participating.

Focus on the Importance of Goal Achievement
For any incentive program to work effectively, you must make the actionable goal that you are trying to achieve meaningful, motivational, and clear to those involved. Keep everyone on the same page by striving to create a supportive and collaborative process to attain goals.

Create Multiple Levels to the Program
Having a multi-tiered incentive program keeps your employees engaged. If they constantly have a goal that they need to achieve and a new reward as an incentive, then they will continue to remain engaged and find value in their work. The higher the goal level, the higher the reward.


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